There is no official formula or process for the creation of Skincell Pro on the official brand page. It lists two main ingredients of Sanguinaria Canadensis and Zincum Muriaticum, which do not appear in any of the other solutions we listed here.

There is also no full list of ingredients, so it is unclear what else makes up this product.

Customer Rating

This is where things get interesting for Skincell Pro. Most products showcase top ratings in stars and words. Here, we see three separate before and after photos. The fascinating part of this strategy is that at least two of these cases clearly show after-effects or irritation or scaring

Yes, the skin tags are gone, but you can clearly see that something was once there by the red and brown marks that remain.

Our verified users reported waiting longer than advertised for this result, and only 74% reported positive results.


This pricing for this product is somewhat difficult to understand. The brand page lists a price point of $70 and points out that you could get it for $50 during a flash sale. However, it countdown to expiration for that sale seems to be at all zeros.

Then, once you click on the checkout page, you are offered three different packages. According to them, the "best selling" option is to buy 3 bottles at $30 and get two more bottles for free.

Overall, this option will cost you three times as much as our top product Revitol. It is worth noting that there is no instruction regarding how much of the product you need to use on each tag. It is confusing that a product that claims to eliminate skin tags in just two days requires it's a customer to purchase so much of it?


Skincell Pro says all the right things and, on the surface, checks off all the boxes of the typical skin tag solution consumer. However, a little more scrolling shows the real-life results of this product, which seem to contradict its original claims.

Add on the high price tag and the irrational selling tactic of 5 bottles, and this product becomes too risky to purchase.