How To Introduce The Keto Diet Into Your Daily Routine

How To Introduce The Keto Diet Into Your Daily Routine

The new year is off and running, and most people are still sticking to their new year’s resolutions. We all know the most popular resolution is to “lose weight” and “get healthy. We also know that most people fail at achieving this resolution. Why do so many people with good intentions fail at something that appears to be straight forward? It’s because they fail to focus on how they are going to accomplish this goal and plan out the steps to get there.


Most people pick a random number of pounds they want to lose and then start doing random workouts in the gym. They may eat a few salads and stop ordering pizza, but that doesn’t last. Another reason it is so hard to achieve a sustainable weight loss routine is because of all the confusing options out there. With so many people telling you that this latest and greatest solution is the way to go, most people get overwhelmed and frustrated.


The most popular, yet sometimes complex, weight loss solution is the Ketogenic Diet, known simply as Keto. This diet has grown in popularity over the years and has helped celebrities such as Lebron James, Megan Fox, and the Kardashian sisters. While celebrity endorsements sound great, they often create a stigma around the diet they support. That diet becomes something most regular people feel is too complicated or expensive for them to achieve. Today, we are going to explain what Keto is and how even you can introduce it into and keep it in your everyday routine.


What Is Keto?

As we mentioned, this blog is designed to simplify the explanation of this diet. Therefore, the simple answer to this question is that Keto is a low carb diet. Specifically, anyone following this new regime is instructed to cut down or eliminate carbs that are difficult to digest, including sugar, soda, pastries, pasta, and bread. This depletes your body of sugar and forces it to feed off of your fat for energy. When your body feeds off your fat, it removes it from your body, and you begin to lose weight.


How Long Does It Take?

Anything worth doing in life takes time. Unfourtently, we live in a society of instant gratification, and we get frustrated when something doesn’t work right away. The critical thing to understand is that it will take your body between 2-7 days to even get into a state of ketosis. This state means all those harmful sugars are out of your system, and your body is now being forced to use your fat as fuel.


Nothing will change the fact that lasting change takes time and effort. That being said, you can assist your body in achieving this new healthy state by introducing a supplement into your routine. Ketosis Advanced is one of the top fat-burning ketogenic supplements on the market today. Made with natural ingredients, this product is designed to help aide the digestion and fat burning process.


Now you understand what Keto is and have been given clear instructions to start. You know exactly what foods to cut out and why you are eliminating them for your diet. This is a great start, but it is only half the battle. You may be excited to start your new diet right away, but what steps are you going to take to ensure you stick to this new lifestyle change. Here’s some advice on how to ensure you stick to this new routine, diet, and resolution.


Trust The Process

Everyone is excited about losing weight when they first begin. They think about the new clothes they will buy and how great they are going to look at that reunion or wedding they are attending later that year. Then, the first stumbling block happens. After a week or two of dieting or exercise, the uncomfortableness of this change begins to take shape. You will be sore from the gym and hungry from your decrease in carbs. This is where most people fall off the wagon and into their old ways.


Accept the fact right from the start that this process will be uncomfortable. If you have spent years enjoying a high-carb, high-sugar diet, then your body needs time to adjust. In the beginning, when your body is not getting the fats and sugars it is used to, it will think something is wrong. You will endure withdrawal-like symptoms. It’s important to understand that this is temporary and will pass. The key is to remember why you are doing it. Every time you experience withdrawal, think about your body burning through all of that fat you want to lose.


Commit To The Change

When it comes to a diet, you are either in, or you are out. If you are going to commit to the Keto diet, you have to commit to the serious changes that come with it. This means being honest about your current diet. If you start every day with a large, sugar-packed ice coffee, then that needs to go. Fight the urge to order a smaller size. Please get rid of it for good. That type of mentality will be required concerning all of your unhealthy eating habits. If there is something you consume every day that is unhealthy for you, now is the time to replace it altogether. You may be able to bring it back in moderation someday, but for now, it is all or nothing.


Also, you must keep this diet in mind as you make choices about your day and week. Plan out your meals and know where each one is coming from. If you have a “figure it out later” attitude when it comes to lunch or dinner, you may find yourself in a situation where the ideal keto-friendly solution is not available. This new diet means a new lifestyle, and it is something that needs to be a top priority to work.


Go The Extra Mile

Once you have changed your diet, your body has entered a consistent fat-burning mode. Please make sure all of this hard work is worth it by doing everything you can to assist this process along. As we mentioned earlier, a premium fat destroying product such as Ketosis Advanced is the perfect partner on this weight loss journey. It’s a simple addition that has serious results. Take one pill in the morning and double down on the fat burning you are producing throughout the day.

Lastly, make sure you are working out regularly. This is not something you need to start on day one. If you are someone who has never worked out or eaten healthy, you do not want to shock your body with too much change too quickly. Give your body 14 days to get used to your new diet and lifestyle. Then, start going to the gym. If the gym is a new experience for you, start by going three times a week and walking a mile on the treadmill each time. This allows your body to get used to the increased activity. It also helps avoid being tired and sore on top of being hungry.



Keto is not hard or complicated. You are committing to eliminating unhealthy foods and helping your body enter a state of fat burning. The hard part is sticking to the plan after the initial excitement and motivation are gone. Create a plan, including meal prep, exercise, and supplements that are easy to follow. If you are prepared for what is coming next, you will have no problem overcoming it and achieving the long-lasting fitness results you seek.



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