According to the official brand page, this product works by using the same high tech cryogenic technology that dermatologists use. The device uses a "Freeze and Squeeze" technique that promises to use cooling gas to begin removing the unwanted tag. However, this process could take as long as 14 days and is not ideal for those looking for a quick fix to a serious skin tag problem.

The second red flag is the warning provided about what this device does not do. The official brand page makes clear that is DOES NOT remove moles, warts, or other growths. This leaves it up to the consumer to accurately diagnose the issue. It goes on to suggest that if you are unclear what you have, you should consult your physician, which would defeat the whole purpose of using Claritag in the first place.

Customer Rating

As far as being a strictly tag removal solution, Claritags Amazon review rating comes in at 4.7. Customers report a painless process, just like Revitol. However, if you read deeper into these reviews, you see two interesting facts. First, most report having to wait a week or more for full results. The second was the need to watch instructional videos to understand how to use the device.

In real world surveys, that 4.7 stars does not quite match up to the 85 out of 100 “positive” responses, leaving Claritag trailing Revitol in customer satisfaction.


Claritag is listed at about $50 per device. On the surface, this seems like a fair price. The tricky part is the fine print that states each device includes ten treatment kits and does not specify how many treatments are needed per tag for removal. If removal takes 7-14 days, it would be reasonable to assume each tag takes multiple treatments.


appealing or frightening idea is up to the consumer. It is clear that while this device may work, it will take longer than most people would want to wait, and we can’t say positively that it’s a painless procedure.