Ease is advertised as an all-natural hemorrhoid pain and irritation reliever. While the ingredients do support that claim, there is no comprehensive list of components on their website. As this company has a long history of good products, we expect their formula is probably natural.

However, we suggest reaching out to their support center to confirm what is actually in their system.

Customer Rating

Ease Balm’s customer rating is surprisingly high. As is the rest of our top 5 products. Out of 100 verified customers, 90% reported a fair, positive, or excellent experience. While that customer rating is very similar to our silver medal winner, this product suffers mainly in its value to our customers.


Using their formula, ingredient quality & concentration, and company reputation, we would estimate Ease Balm to be worth about $25-$30. Unfortunately you’d be hard pressed to find it that low anywhere online. Most stores offer this system for over $40, and sometimes as high as $57.

If you’re not looking to spend an extra $30 on something you can get for much cheaper, we’d suggest looking elsewhere.


There is no question that Ease Hemorrhoid Balm is one of the best relievers on the market. But there’s a reason it didn’t win the gold. With a basic formula and low customer value, even a high customer rating can’t save this product from mediocrity.