This product has a very simple formula. While it may be simple, we’re not docking it too many points because we know this specific formula is effective. The problem is the quality of ingredients.

There is no transparency when it comes to the source or purity of the ingredients they use in their product.

Customer Rating

A trend in this specific product category, Hemotreat also has a very high customer rating with 90 out of 100 verified customers reporting fair, positive, or excellent experiences. It’s no surprise with their formula, and it does lend us to believe their ingredients are at least satisfactory.


Though not a great value, it’s definitely closer to it’s estimated value than Ease Hemorrhoid Balm was. We would want to see this product listed anywhere from $15-$20 and the majority of the stores we visited list the product from $20-30.

You could do much worse value-wise than Hemotreat Cream.


This relief cream was very nearly our bronze medal winner in the place of Ease Balm. With a cheaper price tag and equally good reviews, the only thing holding this product back is the questionable quality of its ingredients - which, again, can be sorted out by calling their customer service line.