While some products are more affordable than having your teeth whitened at the dentist, their low price is often too good to be true and most of them tend to be downright ineffective.

Some products might have stellar reviews but are not suited for customers with sensitive teeth or gums.

Our mission is to find the products that:

  • Have a clinically tested and proven formula.
  • Offers fast relief and long-lasting health benefits
  • Use premium ingredients only.
  • Are fairly-priced for the quality of the product.
  • Have high-quality customer service records.
  • Offer a money-back guarantee on their product.

That last one is important because not every product will work for every person.

A good company knows that and will offer a full refund in case a customer’s body doesn’t respond to this particular formula.

What We’re Looking for In a Top Product

All of our top products use natural ingredients that are designed to both whiten your teeth and leave you feeling confident that you are putting only the safest and best ingredients in your body.

No amount of chemicals can make the process go faster; in fact, using the wrong chemicals can actually damage your body and leave you feeling uncomfortable. Then you’d be stuck with yellow AND sensitive teeth.

So you’re best to stick to the natural formulas that have been clinically tested and proven by third-party studies.

Customer Endorsements

If a treatment is clinically designed based on powerful ingredients, then proven to be effective in lab testing and third-party testing, the only thing that’s left is to see if it works in the real world.

Part of our research includes reaching out to verified customers to hear firsthand what they have to say about each product.

What we found?

The “ratings” you see on most product pages do NOT line up with what real customers were saying. Some “5-star” products didn’t get one good review out of nearly one hundred customers polled.

Our method surveys verified customers to find the closest representation of each product.

Our Conclusion

Our Top 5 Products had approval ratings of 97%, 92%, 90%, 90%, and 88% respectively.