Out of the 5 top projects, JoVaginal had the most unique formula. It was ambitious and combines two different schools of thought on how to create a tighter, more elastic vaginal wall. The problem is, this formula has not been tested in clinics. So it can either work better than any other product, or not work at all.

As you can see from the next section, it’s closer to the latter.

Customer Rating

Though 88% approval isn’t something to balk at, it is the lowest of all our products and we do believe it’s because of it’s unconventional formula. The ingredients don’t seem to be sub-par in quality, but the formula seems to be holding this product back.


Along with the customer rating, the value of this product suffers as well. Due to high marketing costs and a focus on image over substance, you’ll see this product listed well over $45 - when we would expect something like this to cost $25 or less.


Dermal MD was very nearly our bronze medal winner in the place of JoVaginal. With a cheaper price tag and equally good reviews, the only thing holding this product back is the questionable quality of its ingredients.