As we mentioned earlier, this product is made with several natural ingredients including Terristris Extract. The problem with their formula is that they’re not totally transparent so we don’t know what other ingredients are involved.

It is more than likely some filler to help maintain the product’s look and feel so don’t be too worried about this information.

Customer Rating

Out of 100 verified customers, 92 of them had a fair, positive, or excellent experience using Nail Expert. In any other review, that 92% would be more than enough to take the top spot, but our Gold product did even better at 97% approval.


Between the natural formula, quality ingredients, and high customer satisfaction, the expected price for this product should be around $28-$35. So if you can find this product on the lower side of their price spectrum, you’ll be getting a relatively good value.


As our Silver Medal winner, you could do a lot worse than Nail Expert. It uses clinically tested ingredients, and their formula looks to be on the level. It seems to be effective with a high customer rating, and it’s priced pretty fairly.