Natural uses plant extracts which help to dry up skin tags to the point where they then fall off. They have also dedicated an entire section to listing out the various ingredients and the role they plan in removing your skin tags.

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Customer Rating

As always, we wanted to know what real, unbiased customers had to say about this product. A review of Amazon shows that Natursil carries with it a less than glowing 3.8 out of 5 stars based on nearly 1,000 reviews.

Once again, these customer reviews are a mixed bag of good and bad. Almost 20% of the reviews gave the lowest rating of one star. This means at least 1 out of every five users were disappointed by the product. The central theme of these poor reviews was that the product did not work and, in some cases, left a rash.

Our results with verified customers were very similar, showing 79% positive responses.


Naturasil appears to be the cheapest option on this list at $20. However, it seems that to get the full benefit from the solution, you are advised to purchase the "Skin Tag Value Pack," which includes something called "Immune Renew." It is odd that a product that is never mentioned or explained it being suggested right before the consumer checks out.


Naturasil has both its benefits and drawbacks. Unlike the previous two products, this does appear to be a painless answer to your skin tag problems.

That is if it actually works for you. Being painless and made from plants is meaningless if the product does not work, and you end up wasting two weeks of your time and end up buying another treatment.