While the site lays out the various ingredients, it does not speak to the method they use when creating this supplement. This drug is independently tested and certified by the NSF, but it is unclear if it is created in an FDA certified laboratory. Furthermore, the type of “prostate support” they offer is vague.

Users may be left to wonder what exactly they can count on when using this product.

Customer Rating

While not nearly as high as Prostacet’s 97% rating, Prostate 2.4 does boast an 88% approval, which is still great.


Customers of this supplement enjoy free shipping when they buy online. The $95 price tag does seem high, but it is for a 90-day supply. If you have used this product before then, you may have no issues with purchasing a 3-month stock.

However, for those men who are new to the prostate supplement game, 90 days and $95 is a gamble on an unproven product.


Prostate 2.4 is made by a reputable company. It also appears only to use high-quality ingredients and prides itself with only use those that are beneficial in research. However, there is very little proof that the product works as advertised. It is possible that this supplement had many satisfied customers, but without reviews and ratings to back that up, consumers are left guessing what will happen after they purchase this product.