The Puori-03 product is sold as a dark gelatin capsule with added lemon flavoring. It offers a concentration of Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil sourced from wild caught anchovies in the Pacific Ocean. The product page states that it contains Vitamin E, but we could not find this information on the label.

Although Puori-03 undergoes testing for purity and the company states they strive for transparency, the actual test results showing the levels of heavy metals and potency are not revealed on the website page. Instead, the company shows only that the product “passed” the tests. Providing the actual results would provide more confidence by consumers in this product.

Customer Rating

In surveys, 80 of 100 verified customers reported a positive experience with the Puori O3 Ultra Pure Fish Oil Capsules. This lower than anticipated score may be due to the fact that the actual Supplement Facts is not found on the company’s own website. (The Supplement Facts is the part of the label that identifies the specific amounts of each ingredient).

The only way you should purchase this (or any product) is to completely understand what the formula contains.


Searching other websites for product information, it appears that this product is sold for around $35.00 and requires three capsules each day to get the recommended amount of Omega-3 essential fatty acids.

Most other products require only one or two capsules. No one likes taking more pills (and paying for them) if they don’t have to, so this is a clear disadvantage with Puori.


Puori O3 Ultra Pure Fish Oil Capsules may be a good product at a fair price. However, remember that it is necessary to take three capsules every day and there is no transparency of ingredients on the Puori website.