One of the reasons we are giving Revitol such high remarks is because of their transparency regarding the method they use. As mentioned, they attack the root of the tag to ensure it is not only removed quickly but never returns. Their successful process is made up of two natural ingredients: Thuja Occidentalis and Pure Alternifolia.

Thuja Occidentalis is a superfood used for over two dozen different ailments. When deployed to fight skin tags, it targets the root of the tag and cuts off blood flow, rendering the tag lifeless, letting it naturally fall away.

Pure Alternifolia is a potent extract used to treat infections both above and below the skin's surface. When used correctly, this high-quality ingredient is one of the most effective skin-tag fighters available.

Customer Rating

Revitol's claims are backed up through their overwhelmingly positive customer ratings and reviews. Shop My Health rates Revitol at 4.5 stars and shows reviews of satisfied customers claiming that "I will always come back to Revitol for any skin tags."

A collection of verified 5-star reviews on Revitol's brand page tells the story of a product that quickly and painlessly removes skin tags for good. These reviews put consumers at ease, knowing that they are using a painless, effective product on their skin with no concern for lasting damage or side effects.


The best deal Revitol offers is the buy 3 get 3 free deal at the top of the brand page. It is evident through the various reviews that this product works to near perfection. With that type of approval, consumers can easily commit to multiple bottles knowing the product will work.

Our recommendation is the middle option, buy 2 get 1 free. While skin tag removers start to work fast, you’ll tend to see best results after one full month of use. Having three bottles is ideal in case more skin tags come back, you can start your treatment immediately.


Revitol should top any list that reviews skin tag removal products. They are upfront and honest regarding their natural and proven ingredients. They are passionate about helping to remove your skin tags quickly and painlessly. Lastly, these claims have been verified time and time again by satisfied customers. We rate this product an A+