Many people may be familiar with the SkinMedica brand, but they may not be aware of this specific multi-step lip product.

This is actually two products sold together. They are marketed as being clinically shown to plump the appearance of the lips. However, the formula appears to have some ingredients, such as whey protein, which have no effect on lip volume. This may mean you are unnecessarily paying for nutrients that have no benefit for enhancing the appearance of lips.

Customer Rating

A disappointing 80 of 100 verified customers reported a fair, positive, or excellent experience with the SkinMedica HA5 Smooth & Plump Lip System. This may be a result that there are features other than lip plumpness that the product focuses on when really all the consumer wants is a formula that achieves maximum lip volume.


The SkinMedica system is not cheap, although a better value than the high Marcene Actives price point. We would want to see this product listed anywhere from $40-$50 instead of the over $65 cost on the website.


SkinMedica was very nearly our bronze medal winner. However, the primary obstacle holding this product back is the questionable need for two products to achieve results and the inclusion of unwarranted ingredients.