Super Beta Prostate attempts to be as transparent as possible by designating an entire page to ‘How It Works.’ The main ingredient is the ProstaFend blend, which includes 600 mg of naturally-based mixed plant sterols. Plant sterols are a plant compound found in virtually every vegetable. The ProstaFend blend also contains two more key ingredients: Reishi mushroom extract, which reduces the urge to urinate and lycopene, a common ingredient found in most prostate supplements.

It also includes a chemical called beta-sitosterol has been linked to reports of erectile dysfunction (ED) and loss of interest in sex. This fact is not stated on the website but can be found when searching for independent reviews of the product.

Customer Rating

The brand site boasts several videos of happy men whose lives were improved by using this product. That being said, a simple google search shows another side regarding customer satisfaction and side effects. WebMD reports that the beta-sitosterol mentioned above has been known to cause nausea, diarrhea, and constipation.

We decided to do a deeper dive and review customer feedback on standard supplement selling websites. Our research shows lower-than-normal approval rating of just 67%.

Customer reviews are a mixed bag with some saying they saw improvement and others saying nothing happened despite weeks or months of consistent use. The reviews on The Vitamin Shoppe tell a similar store. It appears as if this product has had mixed results across the board.


The best thing about this product is the offer to send you the first bottle free of charge. This is an ideal situation for someone looking to try something before buying it. However, this trial run is not risk-free. The main ingredient has the potential to trigger some pretty uncomfortable side effects. It is not proven that the pill itself causes these side effects, so a consumer would have to be willing to take the chance that it won’t happen to them.


Overall, Super Beta Prostate seems like a gamble. It does appear that it has worked for other men, and they do offer the option of trying it for free before making a financial commitment. However, a little digging shows that not one of their main ingredients has been proven to trigger serious side effects that all mean would want to avoid.

There’s a reason it’s 5th on our list. We suggest looking elsewhere if you need fast, reliable relief.