TagBand makes its formula and method perfectly clear. They do not use ingredients or chemicals. Instead, this device works by applying a band to the stem on the tag and cutting off all blood supply until it turns color, falls off, and dies.

This simple process is outlined on the page and takes around seven days to complete.

Customer Rating

As mentioned above, this product boasts a few 5-star reviews on its leading brand page. Of course, we dove deeper and wanted to see what consumers on other sites, such as Amazon, were saying about the results they experienced. TagBand's Amazon rating is a disappointing 3.8 and has over 400 critical reviews.

In our surveys, reviews split the difference with 82 out of 100 responses being positive.

The top critical review tells an alarming tale of one user having to cut the band off of her neck. It does not appear that this happens often, but a consumer would have to weigh the risk against using a product like Revitol, which uses safe, painless ingredients.


TagBand is one cost-effective option on our list at $23. Your package includes several items that will be needed for your removal procedure, including cones, bands, and swabs. It may appear that you are getting a lot for a little, but you may be getting a lot of hassle for a process that other products can perform a lot quicker.


TagBand offers a non-chemical solution to your skin tag problem. However, it also admits it will leave a mark after it is complete. The number of positive and negative reviews makes it very difficult for any consumer to understand the success rate of the product. After researching several skin tag solutions, we advise moving forward with a topical solution over device based one.