With key ingredients such as high-quality hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin, the Fillerina Lip and Mouth formula offers filling and plumping benefits.

However, it is important to note that this is a product that requires patience. It is a gradual and slow build, and does not offer immediate results. You may need to apply the gel product up to five times a day for a month to see significant results.

Customer Rating

The price of this lip plumper exceeds the range of $75-$95 that we expected. This Fillerina item is sold for over $100, definitely at the higher end of the pricing spectrum. Knowing that it requires multiple applications may deter many people from trying this item.


With an 85 percent approval rating, this product ranks fairly high. Some consumers may find the consistency of the serum and the application process unfamiliar. Fillerina is a replenishing gel with a roller applicator. To properly spread the product, you will need to press repeatedly on the plunger so that the gel will come out evenly from the metal ball tip.


With high-quality ingredients, Fillerina may be an effective long-term product. But most customers will be unwilling to wait for this product to take effect, especially with the inflated price.