Get Lippy states that they utilize a natural combination of peptides to create volume and plump lips. Unfortunately, the site advises that restructuring for fullness and even moisturizing of the lips can take up to 24 hours of the first application.

It is suggested that to get optimal results, the product should be applied three times daily for twenty days.

Customer Rating

Out of 100 verified customers, 91 percent of them had a fair, positive, or excellent experience using Get Lippy. Customers were intrigued that this product is available in multiple colors, similar to a lip gloss. But overall, this is a somewhat disappointing score based on the amount required to get results and the cost of purchasing multiple units.


Between the natural formula, quality ingredients, and high customer satisfaction, the expected price for this lip plumper should be under $20. If you can find this product on the lower side of this price spectrum, you’ll be getting a relatively good value. Remember, you will likely need to purchase multiple units to obtain the desired results.


Our review shows that you could do a lot worse than Get Lippy. It uses patented peptides, and their formula appears to be scientifically supported.