Get Lippy states that they utilize a natural combination of peptides to create volume and plump lips. Unfortunately, the site advises that restructuring for fullness and even moisturizing of the lips can take up to 24 hours of the first application. This top-selling product is scientifically formulated with natural ingredients.

  • Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant and anti-aging nutrient works to add the appearance of fullness to your lips, as well as restore moisture
  • Vitamin B works to help increase blood flow and circulation, which may add volume to your lips
  • Jojoba Oil acts to hydrate and protect the lips

These three ingredients are essential to fuller lips. But it doesn't stop there!

On their site, you'll find over 20 other beneficial nutrients to help plump and hydrate lips for the best results. By disclosing the complete list of ingredients, it helps buyers understand the safety and effectiveness of the product.

And to make using the product as simple as possible, Idol Lips is sold in an easy-to-use package with an innovative applicator tip to help target your natural lip-line.

Customer Rating

Nearly a record-high for customer rating on ShopMyHealth, an incredible 98 out of 100 verified users rated their experience positive or excellent. We believe this is due to the combination of natural ingredients that produce great results without any of the negative side effects.


The reasonable cost of Idol Lip Lip Plumper is what makes this ground-breaking product an “A+” consumer rated product. In order to keep costs low, Idol Lip does not advertise on radio or television, or even sell their product in retail stores. This allows for low overhead and for the savings to be passed onto you.

Products similar to this should sell for $50-$75, but you can routinely find it for under $40. Use the link below to take advantage of this exceptional product and price.


Out of the literally hundreds of products, all claiming to be the best at increasing the volume, appearance, and fullness of lips, Idol Lip Plumber is the only one worth our gold medal. Between the optimized formula, high-quality natural ingredients, an almost perfect customer rating, and a fair value for its customers, this product is very nearly perfect.