What Is Fish Oil and Why Do We Need It?

Fish oil is an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are critical substances your body needs for optimum wellness.

The two most important forms of Omega-3 fatty acids are called DHA and EPA. It is important that every person gets these nutrients to support heart health, brain function, vision, and more.

But Omega-3 fatty acids cannot be made in the body. They only come from certain foods.

DHA and EPA Omega-3s come from fatty fish, such as salmon, halibut, and mackerel. Unfortunately, most people don’t eat enough of these types of fish to get the levels they need to stay healthy.

So, if seafood and salmon dinners are not on your daily dinner table, taking a fish oil supplement can help you meet your daily intake of Omega-3s.

The Advantages and Benefits of Omega-3 Supplements

Studies clearly show that there are huge benefits of getting the proper levels of Omega-3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA):

  • Heart health – research shows us Omega-3s have important benefits on cardiovascular health (heart, blood pressure, cholesterol levels)
  • Brain and Vision – the Omega-3 DHA is central to brain development and eye function
  • Joint health – DHA and EPA may support mobility and improve stiffness
  • Mood – Omegas help reduce anxiety and depression

The bottom line is that DHA and EPA Omega-3 fatty acids are vital for maximum health throughout a person’s life.

Steps for Choosing A Fish Oil Supplement

Achieving total wellness is the reason why our investigative team took on the job of researching which fish oil products can actually do the job and meet the high demands of consumers. The focus was to find products that:

  • Have a clinically tested and proven formula.
  • Offers fast relief and long-lasting health benefits
  • Use premium ingredients only.
  • Are fairly-priced for the quality of the product.
  • Have high-quality customer service records.
  • Offer a money-back guarantee on their product.

That last one is important because not every product will work for every person. A good company knows that and will offer a full refund in case a customer’s body doesn’t respond to this particular formula.

What We’re Looking for In a Top Product

The best fish oil supplements provide omega-3 fatty acids that come from natural and sustainable sources and are certified by third-party testing laboratories.

Customer Endorsements

If a treatment is formulated based on the clinical results of its ingredients, the next step is to see if it works in the “real world.” Part of our extensive research includes reaching out to verified customers to hear first-hand what they have to say about each product.

Our Top 5 Products had approval ratings ranging from 99.7 percent to 80 percent.

What we found? Unfortunately, the “ratings” you see on most product pages do NOT line up with what actual customers were saying. Some “5-star” products did not get even one good review out of nearly one hundred customers polled.

Take a look at these top 5 Fish Oil Omega-3 Supplements Ranked by Effectiveness, Value, and Customer Satisfaction